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About Us

To develop and maintain a true spirit of loyalty and love for the school among the graduands.

To maintain close links with school so as to help her achieve her goals
To enable members renew ties for mutual benefit

Alumni's Message
We aim to create a vibrant community and discover the next level of creative discourse not only for the Ex-Pingyians, but for the school as a whole. As a part of this young and energetic team, we aspire to bring all Alumnus a fulfilling experience that will enrich your life both personally and professionally. We are making all effort to get in touch with formal staff of Ping Yi so that the Alumni can be complete. This will also allow ex-students to keep in touch with their many beloved teachers. As the saying goes, “a school without an alumni, will be just an institution without a soul!” All this will not be possible without your participation. We need every alumnus to help fulfill this dream. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to be part of this soul, where we can work together towards the fulfillment of not just this dream but many more to come.

For a start, you can help by contacting your peers, inform them of our activities and urge them to register & update their particulars so that we can get in touch with them. Likewise, encourage them to reach out to their contacts and keep this chain growing. Last but not least! We hope not only to hear from you but to see you soon!

Best Regards,
Management Committee Ping Yi Alumni